Hi I'm pika!! I'm a hobbyist cartoonist, and in my spare time, I work on my passion project, The Stars Shine Bright -- on the net since 2015, and in the making since 2008! Despite being a pokemon fancomic, I've been thinking about it ever since I was young, and I needed to find a way to finally get it out to the world. I have another comic that's a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired spinoff of TSSB that takes place in the same universe, called Haphazard!.

I've always had an interest in web design as a hobby, and now I use my powers for evil. If you have epilepsy, I hope you're not reading this, but I love you anyway. I also hope you're not reading this on your phone, but I think you know that. I'm not good enough at math to make this my job, but I think holding onto it as a fun side thing keeps me entertained and healthy. Like a zoo tiger.

I have a very dry sense of humor, which gets me into trouble more often than not. Not especially outgoing or extroverted, but I'm kind of a loud person and I have loud opinions. About fictional bullshit, let's not get it twisted. Everyone is wrong about legendary pokemon except me who knows everything, especially about mew. so jot that down.

I simp for grouchy women. Not like VILLAINS necessarily, but I love fictional women who are tired and a little gross and maybe even have a soft spot. for me. mostly for their loved ones but.... maybe also for me. women should be just a touch pathetic, and that is one of my main writing philosophies.

am i breaking new ground with my love of grumpy fictional women? no. do my commenters not understand me? YES. DAILY. IT'S OPPRESSION

heart eyes for Steven Collins, blorbo woman from my mind

Some things about me:
  -I fucking hate smartphone-centric web design <3
  -my favorite shiny pokemon are the pink ones
  -I love sparkly things
  -i switch between proper title case and just typing like this, it's because we're friends now. you've been reading this long enough that we're bonded for life. wanna get married?

Some favorite pokemon